You work your butt off at home and on the job.

Maybe you’re even an overachiever (as if that’s a bad thing!).

So maybe you’re a tad frenzied — short-tempered, stomach in knots now and again…that random feeling your head’s going to explode.

Comes with the territory, right?

No way you want to stop being an amazing Kick-Ass Go-Getter. You just want to breathe a little easier while you’re at it.  Maybe learn how to get rid of anxiety, have fewer worries, find some self-care tips, how to be more productive. Less stress-more calm. Is that too much to ask?

One problem. You’ve no time to sift through all the self care crappola to pick and choose the nuggets of gold that will transform your life from frenzied to phenomenal.  Phenomenally and perfectly imperfect!

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Distressed or Destressed?

Well, greetings from a kindred spirit. 😊 I was a busy mom in a blended family as well as a boss with a multi-million-dollar budget in a high-stress environment. Killer deadlines, budget cuts but increased workloads and there were more than a few sharks swimming nearby I can tell you!

Meantime, I stressed about wanting to be there for my family — after school activities, family dinners, spending time getting to know my kids.

Head shot Bev Alldridge

When I was in the office, I worrying about what was going on at home. When I was at home, I was worrying about deadlines and project screw ups in the office.

It seemed wherever I was, I felt guilty that I was in the wrong place.


I thank my lucky stars I found those nuggets of gold! As I learned the simple skills to manage my body-mind connection, including my relationship with stress my life turned around. Frenzied no more! Hello Phenomenal!

Taking Care of You Means Taking Better Care of Others

You constantly do for others. There’s one more thing you can do for them. I’m a certified Adult Trainer and also a Mindfulness Coach. My posts are spot-on content presented in an easy-to digest format. Why not sign up to receive my free 50 Top Self Care Tips for Right Now — Powerful Ideas From the Most Popular to the Most Surprising?

You’ll soon be breathing a whole lot easier and those around you will notice. You’ll move from feeling less anxious to being more even-tempered. More sleep means more energy. Increased concentration and focus bump your productivity levels.

You’ll learn to make shockingly simple changes so that stress supports you and builds your resilience in all you do. Backed by science, ultra-useful and totally doable. You deserve it. Right?

So join me and we’ll say “G’bye Frenzied” and “Hey there, Phenomenal!”

It's not only okay to be perfectly imperfect, but it may well be your surest path to happiness!

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