Multitasker Alert! Your Best Guide for the 2019 Christmas Holidays

Well ho frickin’ ho ho ho fellow multitasker.Christmase 2019 multitasker planning guide

Don't get me wrong. I love the holidays. I do.

But, last minute Christmas shopping? Dreaded but gotta go holiday office parties? Loud-mouthed relatives? Crazy gift expectations and limited budgets… the list goes on.

I get it. You’ve a very busy schedule. And, you are good at what you do. Very good. You nail the Christmas holidays. Every time.

Or…maybe you don’t.  If not, well, welcome to the party. You’re in good company.

Don't worry. There’s no need for undue stress. I've got you covered for Christmas 2019.

Top insights into a healthy holiday mindset. A crazy good list of go-to holiday planning smarts just a click away. Everything from a holiday tipping guide to avoiding gaining holiday pounds. Special needs for dealing with grief over the holidays. Great links to super gift ideas… oh, and what list could be complete without…wait for it… tips for taking the purrfect holiday cat photo!

How to multitask mindfully

It’s hardly news that holidays bring out the best and worst in most of us. Not all holiday emotions are happy.  Don’t set yourself up for failure or getting down on yourself. Don't try to ignore or suppress  your feelings. Instead, be curious about them as they show up. Do yourself a huge favour and learn how to be at ease with difficult feelings.

Don’t you find that planning, preparing, hosting and who knows what else can take you right out of the moment? Remember to be kind to yourself. You wouldn't expect it of your best friend. Why demand it of yourself? A little self-care here will go a long way.

Tip:  Instead of lurching from event to event, try thinking of the holidays as a moment-to-moment experiences. Even a few moments enjoying the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree can help destress.

Think before you drop

Cash, that is. Is mindful shopping a strange idea? Do you knock off your gift shopping only to charge on to the next item on the ‘to do’ list? (this is a real peril of being a multitasker) I wish I had a dollar for every extra dollar I spent over my budget. Undue stress.  Self criticism and judgment. (this is where you down some rum and egg nog…or maybe just the rum)

Tip: Plan time to sit and think about a gift that lets the person getting the gift know how you feel about them.

Give as good as you get

Sure, you love your family and friends but…well, there’s a limit, right?  You make meals, buy gifts, attend events…at a certain point you want to dump the busy schedule and slam the door, turn the lights out and binge watch  relaxing movies.

Time for yourself, kindness and less judgement. All of these leave you in a much better mental and physical state. The last thing you want is to feel like you failed.

Tip: Okay time for some tough love here. Exhausting yourself to the point of a crying meltdown doesn't show your family show much you care for them. In this case doing less really is doing more.

Which childhood memory do you want to create for your children? A fun family game night eating store-bought Christmas cookies or being shooed out of the kitchen because mom is busy baking? Healthy for you, healthy for them.

Alright fellow multitaskers! Here's your wide-ranging mix of go-to resources for a healthy, happy, holiday.

Multitasker Go To List 2019

This is pretty straightforward:  your go-to top resoures to guarantee a smashing holiday.


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Budget and Eco Friendly

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Food and Drink

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Family and Lifestyle

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General Mental Health

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Special Needs

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Personal and Cyber Safety

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Christmas 2019 planning guide photography
I'm not a cat

Christmas Photography Tips

Tips For Taking the Purrfect Holiday Cat Photo!

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Pinterest Board Ideas

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Organized Christmas

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Holiday Fashion: Outfit Ideas and Trends | Who What Wear

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So, there you have it from one multitasker to another. Why not take a pause in your busy schedule and be inspired by one of the resources that catches your eye? Bonus! You'll be on track for a stress-free holiday season.  Especially if you keep the mindset tips in mind. You might not oversee everything going on over the holidays, but you're in charge of how you react. That's a lot of power.  You might as well wield it to your advantage.



4 thoughts on “Multitasker Alert! Your Best Guide for the 2019 Christmas Holidays”

  1. Wow, what a great resource Bev! Funnily enough, I was looking at Christmas presents for my 3 long haired granddaughters today – silk pillowcases for shiny hair!

    It feels good to be organised in advance!

  2. The list is well compiled and categorized in a way that’s easier to find the right gift. Also, it is true what you said of being at ease with difficult feelings since holidays are always stressful and you wouldn’t want to lose your mind.

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